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  • Brian is an outstanding agent to work with from start to finish. We bought a house (first time for my husband) and Brian is not only extremely knowledgeable about the buying experience, but is patient, answering all questions and really digging deep into the process to help us understand. Brian took the time to really get to know us, so much that when we drove up to one house, he knew immediately it wasn't what we wanted so we didn't spend time at it. Every step of the buying process, he walked with us. When documents were sent over, he'd send a text or give a call, to help with the urgency. As a seasoned realtor, Brian has a plethora of people he works with to assist with the buying/selling process and had great recommendations for us. When we had the inspection, Brian was present through the entire house, explaining things in terms we could understand. He was a positive representation on our behalf when the negotiations started for the purchase of the house. It was a smooth experience because of his professionalism and expertise. We also used Brian to sell a house. Again, so professional. He showed up with recommendations to be get top dollar, recommending people to use to help get the place ready to sell. Brian goes above and beyond to help make the entire process a wonderful experience and not stressful. He says often, "Changing lives is my business" and he lives up to that. Our lives are better because we had Brian. "
    Name: Stephanie Hines

  • Brian is everything you want in a realtor and more. From the moment we met him he was in our corner explaining the whole process and treating us like family as we looked for our first home. He constantly updated us as new houses popped up, always available to go see houses for tours and even go back to houses a second or third time. Once we walked in to our new home for the first tour we could just feel it was the one. Brian helped us from start to finish on the craziness of offering, inspections, paperwork and everything else. He was there when we signed on the dotted line and gifted us a drawing of our new house to remember this experience for a life time. To say we were happy with Brian’s services is an understatement, he is in the perfect profession and we will be recommending him to everyone we know for the rest of his career. If you are looking for a caring realtor who will tell you how it is, I would recommend Brian Stevens for the most amazing home buying experience.
    Name: Zach & Kirsten Baynham

  • Brian did an amazing job making sure I understood every step of the home selling process and anytime I called or texted he was very fast to get back to me with an answer! He took great care prior to listing my home to direct me as to what I should do to make my home ready. He provided me with moving boxes so I didn't have anything else to worry about. He is patient, kind and listens. I highly recommend him for anyone looking for an amazing experience in selling their home.
    Name: Matt Baynham

  • Brian is an AMAZING agent and I would recommend him to anybody! This was our first time purchasing a home and he walked us through everything and helped us to feel confident every step of the way. We never felt pressured and he encouraged us to trust our gut and take our time to make sure everything felt right. He was always one step ahead of us with reading through contracts, submitting documents, and connecting us with whoever we needed (mortgage lender, movers, inspectors, etc.) He is detail-oriented and is very responsive and makes sure everything is taken care of immediately. I have friends who have talked about how stressed they are with the home-buying process, and our experience was stress-free! Even after the purchase was complete, Brian continued to follow up to make sure everything was going smoothly. Can't recommend him enough!!!
    Name: Sabrina & Will Bookwalter

  • Brian is phenomenal personality and great agent. Extremely attentive to everyone's needs. It was a fun experience from the minute I called on his listing. He made the whole process from start to finish easy. Thank you, Brian.
    Name: Jonathan Seman

  • Brian is simply THE BEST at what he does! He's a straight shooter, has a real passion for what he does, and helped me tremendously in selling my home. He did whatever he had to do to make sure I was good with every step of the process. He was relentless in seeing me through to the closing. But he did it all with the calmest disposition, and the quiet confidence of a true professional in a tough business. He was beyond supportive and a rock in the stressful transitioning to my next place. He not only had a complete moving box system delivered to my home, BUT also was there to help when I needed physical labor. His service is like nothing I have ever experienced in a realtor. He went above and beyond to make sure I was taken care of. Thanks man! You have forever touched my life.
    Name: Jim & Jane Nusser

  • As first time home buyers, we had very limited knowledge of the entire process. From day one, Brian was transparent and provided as much information as possible about what the entire process would look like and who would be involved. He was always available by phone or email (even nights and weekends) to answer questions or arrange a house tour. Even after purchasing our home and moving in, he was still available to help answer remaining questions and to help with last-minute issues.
    Name: Thomas & Lexie Kang

  • I recently had the pleasure of working with Brian Stevens from Berkshire Hathaway to sell our mother’s modular home after her passing.
    Brian came into our lives just when we needed him the most - like an angel in disguise. He was just so compassionate and caring and did anything he possibly could to work with us during such a difficult time. Brian made everything so easy and painless and really put himself out there for our family. He is such a kind soul and made us feel so comfortable - I knew from the moment we met, that we were in good hands! He Took on our case with very little payback or profit on his end and still treated us and the sale the same as if we were selling a million dollar house. The entire process was very smooth and moved along quickly and seamlessly and the home was sold before we could even bat an eyelash!

    So, If you’re looking to sell or buy a home and want only the best treatment that is personal and reliable with quite possibly the most wonderful, kindhearted and selfless person I’ve ever met - I would highly recommend Brian Stevens with Berkshire Hathaway in a heartbeat! Such a great experience!
    Name: Tracy Prentice

  • Brian truly works for you and has nothing but your best interest at heart! The very first time we met him he took the time to get to know us before looking through the house or providing us with details. It was so refreshing! His knowledge, professionalism, attentiveness and compassion towards making us feel comfortable every step of the way is truly next level. He made the entire selling process so easy and keep us informed every step of the way. He even sent us moving boxes which is just unheard of!
    Because we were moving to another state, we were not able to work with Brian on the buying end. We had a few mishaps come up with our realtor on the buying end and Brian went out of his way to get contact her to ensure she got in touch with us to have a few things resolved.
    If all of that isn’t testament enough, we had a small issue with our refrigerator the day AFTER we closed. At the time it felt like a much bigger issues than what it was and I called Brian to let him know what was going on. Without hesitation, he rushed over and helped to get the situation under control. His job had been done the day before, yet he still came to our aid. Working with Brian is like hitting the jackpot and gaining a true friend!
    Name: Mark & Ashley Maxwell

  • What an amazing experience with an amazing realtor! Brian really knows his stuff and has the passion to back it up. The entire process was handled just as promised. I will continue telling everyone I know to use him. You won’t regret it. Thanks for a wonderful experience Brian.
    Name: Scott Mix

  • Brian was a great asset in selling my house! Not only was he on top of all the major things, but he also kept me in the loop with the day-to-day happenings of the sale. He helped to make this process easier than I had ever imagined. Anyone looking to sell or buy should definitely give Brian a call!
    Name: Dean Crystaloski

  • Brian is very adept at understanding the personality of his clients and how that translates to their needs. I'm very pragmatic and quick to make decisions once the facts are analyzed. Brian understood this about me and jumped into action immediately once I decided to move forward with an offer on my house. Brian handled so much for me, I travel for 85% of my job and it wasn't an issue at all. I was able to do almost everything remotely. What must be done in person was worked into my schedule without issue. You will not regret buying with Brian. I inherently dislike most people and am proud to call Brian a friend and My Realtor.
    Name: Brandon Shaffer

  • Brian is organized, knowledgeable, and professional. He helped us through every step of the process and helped it run smoothly. We are very glad we chose him and highly recommend him.
    Name: Christina Wiggington

  • My experience proves that you are as successful as the people you surround yourself with. Brian Stevens happens to be that person. I trusted him to have my best interest first and foremost and he exceeded my expectations. If you are looking for a clean, honest and profitable outcome to your real estate needs you would be hard pressed to find a better agent.
    Name: Cynthia Michaels

  • Brian Stevens is the best! I could not have gotten through the experience of selling my mom’s condo without him. He is very professional and protected my interests through the entire process. He was in touch with me on a daily basis to let me know what was going on and this definitely lowered my stress level. I would highly recommend Brian Stevens to anyone who is buying or selling a home. You won’t regret it!
    Name: Gail Bonner

  • Evan and I can’t thank you enough for all of your guidance and support the past few months selling our house! Thank you for your time, the many phone calls, advice and dedication. You made us feel like family and we were so fortunate to have you as our realtor again! You go above and beyond for your clients and it shows! Thank you for everything! We continue to recommend you to everyone we know!
    Name: Kasey & Evan Hemmill

  • He was very helpful and answered every question with details. We had an amazing experience throughout our process of buying a house. I would recommend him to anyone who would like to buy a house.
    Name: Asma Naeem

  • Brian Stevens was a joy to work with when I decided to sell my condo! He was extremely knowledgeable, professional and attentive to the smallest and largest of details in selling my property!
    Name: SJ Gurrola

  • Great experience with Brian! Super nice and friendly. Awesome realtor, always on top of everything to ensure happiness. Highly recommend, you won’t be disappointed!
    Name: Ashley Brand

  • I’ve purchased 4 homes in my lifetime, and I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt that I wish I had Brian Stevens guiding me through the first 3. My latest home purchase was the most delightful, stress-free experience ever. He patiently guided me through the home selection, inspection, endless questions, and finally, to the closing on my gorgeous new home. He is a wealth of real estate knowledge and a genuine, honest human being who is now a treasured friend. I encourage anyone buying or selling a home to use Brian. You’ll walk away with the best experience of your life. He’s true to his motto ‘Changing Lives Is My Business’. Thank you Brian!!
    Name: SB

  • I cannot express enough how grateful I am for Brian. From the very beginning, he was extremely friendly and professional, walking me through the entire home-buying process and making me feel secure in my decisions. He was immediately responsive to any questions or concerns I had, and made me feel much more like a friend than a client. I will recommend Brian to anyone I know who is needing to buy or sell their home, as I truly had the best experience working with him. I love my new home!!
    Name: Paulette Stewart

  • Brian worked for us, start to finish… including helping us move furniture out of the house! His level of service goes way beyond any realtor I have ever met. He guided us to a successful closing, and was responsive to our questions and needs! Highly recommend Brian.
    Name: Leslie Mitros

  • Brian is a rare gem in a sea of pebbles. Others should adopt his assertive attitude, caring demeanor, detailed knowledge, and hands-on approach.

    His guidance on preparing for listing my home from photos to curb appeal and ensuring the pets are safe during a showing is genuinely appreciated.

    He ensures all boxes are checked and everyone is on the same page, making sure his client comes out on the right side with a smile.

    As my second home transaction with Brian and I know without a doubt, all will go smoothly.

    Thank you, Brian, for EVERYTHING you do. I appreciate you!!

    Name: Myqaila Tucci

  • Absolutely blown away at the level of service Brian provides. I have truly never met someone so genuine. He was so informative, proactive, attentive, educational and caring. He made our first home buying experience SO memorable. We couldn’t be more grateful for the person he is, and the passion he exudes through the love of his job. I will continue to show my appreciation to him by referring every single person I know that’s looking for a realtor. He’s stuck with us for life and we couldn’t be happier! Cheers!
    Name: Amanda Trezza & Ryan Alvarez

  • As I sit here, about to move in to my first home, it would hands down not have been possible without Brian! He not only worked tirelessly, day in and day out searching for the perfect home, but he always did it with a honest and sincere smile on his face. Now that might not be important to some people, but it showed me a lot about his character and heart. He NEVER made it seem as if I was a bother to him (even with 11pm questions), NEVER made me feel like I was another number/commission, NEVER stopped working WITH me to get my family’s home, and ALWAYS made me feel how much he truly cared about helping my family find a home. I cannot say enough about Brian’s true professionalism and kindness, he is a class act that is second to none. I’ve met with agents who BS you, sell you, do as little as possible, because they simply do not care. With Brian we did not only forge a professional relationship, but I truly believe we forged a friendship as well! Simply the best damn agent in town…you better call him! I know I will again!!!

    Justin, Erin, and Brantley Arluck
    Name: Justin, Erin and Brantley Arluck

  • An agent that goes way above and beyond. Not only was Brian on-time for all of our appointments and showings, but he was a master negotiator who secured us an outstanding price and other perks. He was incredibly hands-on throughout the whole process, and it often felt like he was my lawyer rather than my real estate agent. I cannot recommend him enough..
    Name: Edgar Hermosillo

  • Brian is a superstar! He's a straight shooter, has a real passion for what he does, and helped us tremendously buying a new home and selling ours. He did whatever he could to close deals, put himself out there when a deal was teetering, and was relentless in seeing them through. But he does it all with the calmest disposition, and the quiet confidence of a true professional in a tough business. Thanks man!
    Name: David Vazana

  • Brian helped me search for a home that would suit both my picky needs and price range for nearly a year! He was always very patient and accommodating. Not once did I feel like I wasn't his highest priority. We viewed dozens of homes during this period and I never felt pressured at all.
    When I finally found the perfect home Brian worked very fast to make sure I would land it at the price I wanted. He handled negotiating the entire deal very well and helped me coordinate all the other aspects of appraisals, inspections, and other services. Brian was amazing!!
    Name: Lemore Aiezenman

  • Brian took excellent care of us right from the start and took us through the sale with genuine care. His knowledge of the area was a huge plus. Would highly recommend him as your realtor. We could not be happier!
    Name: Gus Lazear

  • After moving from SF, Brian recently helped my wife and I purchase a home in LA. We didn't have an agent at the time but quickly struck up a friendly conversation at a house he was showing. When you work with Brian, you not only get a house but you also gain a loyal friend. His approach is as focused on the relationship as it is with the transaction on hand. He was also able to successfully navigate key negotiating points and got us a very fair deal. My wife and I both work/travel extensively so we really relied on Brian to help see the transaction all the way through. When issues came up, Brian didn't waste time blaming others – he just zeroed in on solutions and how to make it right. We are thrilled with the outcome and wouldn't hesitate to recommend him
    Name: Howard & Lada Cheng

  • My husband and I had been searching for a house off and on for the past few years. We were discouraged and easily frustrated with the competitiveness of the market and had difficulty finding the right home for our family. We met Brian through a mutual friend, and he was friendly and warm from the start, guaranteeing he would find the perfect home for our family. He has a breadth of knowledge, and the personal attention he provided us was remarkable. He paid attention to the smallest details and after a few house showings, knew exactly what we were looking for. We trust Brian's guidance, knowledge and opinion without reserve. We have enjoyed working with Brian and respect him greatly. We are beyond thrilled to be in our new home! Thank you! We look forward to keeping in touch
    Name: Evan & Kasey Himmel

  • Brian was great during the entire buying process. He made himself available at the times we needed him when viewing properties, offered sound advice during the negotiation process and gave us insights into the neighborhoods we were searching. He was helpful during negotiations with the sellers and his experience during the negotiation process was appreciated, even going so far as to continue negotiations when he was traveling out of state. During the purchase phase he kept up updated at every step and assisted where he could when we had issues with our mortgage company. Overall I would not hesitate to work with Brian again and would recommend him to friends seeking to buy in the LA area.
    Name: Cory & Valerie Lee

  • Brian is an amazing agent and through working with him has now become like family to us. We had a couple of tough escrows and he went above and beyond to make things as easy on us as possible. He was always thinking three steps ahead and always had a plan b and c ready in the works when something fell through with a lender. He also had amazing contacts for contractors that he connected us with after closing. He even helped negotiate a great deal with the contractor. Brian is the kind of agent that will really go to bat for you and at a drop of hat will do whatever he needs to do to make things happen for you promptly. Did I mention he got us boxes for moving too? A stellar agent, guy, and now proud to call him friend
    Name: Emily & Jay Pinfold

  • It was a pleasure working with Brian. He was creative in marketing our property, responsive to our inquiries, exhibited a deep knowledge about the market, and served as a trusted resource throughout the sale process. We greatly enjoyed working with Brian and highly recommend him.
    — David Lloyd
    Name: David Lloyd

  • Just wanted to thank you again for your incredible service. Your work ethic and negotiation skills are unparalleled! I truly enjoyed working with you throughout the process! I now have my dream home because of your hard work and determination. I look forward to staying in touch and referring your services to my family, friends and colleagues!!
    — Tammy Jones
    Name: Tammy Jones

  • Brian is trustworthy and competent. He got me a deal I had given up on and when things got a little bumpy near the closing date, I was glad to know I was in good hands. Most of all it has been a pleasure knowing Brian and working with him.
    — Sam
    Name: Sam Jameson

  • Brian Stevens did a great job for us on our recent purchase of a home. He understood exactly what we were looking for, even when we weren't yet sure, and did a great job of helping us hone in what was important to us. He found us the right house at the right price, then he was helpful, attentive, hard working, and tireless all through the rest of the process. We're delighted with our new home and we'd unreservedly recommend Brian!
    — John & Jane
    Name: John & Jane Walker

  • Brian made the process of selling my home fun and relatively easy. He is knowledgeable, personable and very talented at what he does. I firmly believe that he is the best real estate agent in Los Angeles! If anyone can sell your home, Brian can and will.
    — Susan Castro
    Name: Susan Castro

  • We met Brian a number of years ago at an open house. We were favorably impressed with his demeanor and knowledge of our neighborhood so that when we decided to sell our house he was one of a few realtors we definitely wanted to interview for our listing. We ended up giving Brian our listing and he turned out to be the right choice. We were not novices at real estate transactions, having bought and sold about a dozen houses. Nevertheless, Brian's knowledge was invaluable. From selecting a superior photographer, to setting up the website, to guiding us through negotiations with the buyer (and there were some rough spots), and to dealing with all the compliance requirements, Brian proved himself to be indeed the expert he said he was, and he conducted himself throughout the process with professionalism. We recommend Brian highly.
    — Amy James
    Name: Amy James

  • Our hiring of Brian to sell our home was one of the best decisions we’ve made in terms of hiring a professional to represent our needs. We met Brian many years ago when he was in our neighborhood. His down to earth and professional demeanor impressed us such that when it came time to sell our home, we reached out to him. Our instinct about Brian proved to be correct. He implemented a plan for the marketing and presentation of our home that was custom tailored to our home—from choosing the perfect stager, hiring of a top-notch photographer and his implementation of a marketing strategy that maximized our return. His business acumen, knowledge and experience with selling mid-century homes, his close (but not too close) relationships with both Westside and Valley brokers proved to be a winning combination. At every turn, Brian zealously represented our needs and interests, and was available 24 hours a day to answer our questions or to simply reassure us. He taught us the importance of not just considering the dollar amount of an offer, but also the financial profile of a potential buyer(s). His attentiveness remained the same from the time we hired him until our sale proceeds were in the bank. In the end, Brian’s customized plan sold our home in 4 days with numerous offers and a sales price that exceeded our expectations. We cannot imagine having gone through the experience without Brian. Our entire family now considers him a friend, and we cannot recommend Scott more. Everyone should be so fortunate to have Brian Stevens handle the selling of their most important asset.
    — Michael Frank
    Name: Michael Frank

  • We are so thankful that we picked Brian over the other agents we met with to help us sell our house. He was immediately personable and so clearly knowledgeable about the market, where our house fit, what we would be able to sell it for, and how to bring it all together successfully. What I liked the most was how strategic and honest he was - he told us exactly what we needed to do to sell our house and who he thought our target buyers were. We followed everything he said, right through the negotiation process, and everything turned out exactly like he said it would. He had primary and backup offers after our first weekend on the market, and helped us close escrow right on time, with all of our other wishes (price, rent back) met. He is a strong advocate for his clients - making sure our privacy and time were always protected, and always standing up for what we wanted - he is not afraid! On top of all that, our 5 year old loves him and was always so happy to see him. I cannot recommend him enough, especially if you are looking to sell your house! It was such a pleasure to work with him, and so easy.
    — Harpreet & Sangeeta Singh
    Name: Harpreet & Sangeeta Singh

  • In a very tough market for buyers, Brian was instrumental in helping us buy a house that perfectly fit our requirements. There were multiple offers competing against ours and many twists and turns along the way that Brian helped us navigate. He is a straight shooter and someone I definitely recommend.
    — Steve Grey
    Name: Steve Gey

  • We met Brian at an open house in our neighborhood a few years ago, and knew that if we were to ever sell our home, he would be one of the people we would want to interview. After meeting with several agents, Brian's approach, ideas, and professionalism convinced us that he was, without a doubt, the man for the job. There were many things that impressed us with the handling of the transaction from beginning to end, but Brian's constant contact and availability was truly beyond anything we expected! If you are looking for somebody that understands what’s going on in the real estate market, contract negotiation, and ultimately having a smooth close of Escrow, we would highly recommend Brian Stevens.
    — Raymond and Melissa
    Name: Ray and Melissa Handleman

  • "My husband and I originally met Brian through our neighbor. It was meant to be!!! He is a hard worker, reliable and extremely knowledgeable. He found us our 2nd, as well as, our 3rd home. He was dedicated throughout the entire process and always kept us in the loop. He has incredible attention to detail, excellent follow-through and is extremely personable. I would highly recommend him to anyone, and it was a real pleasure working with him.
    Name: Michelle Wagner

  • Hey Brian,
    Thanks for finding my mom the PERFECT house. She is so happy and now doesn't have to worry about not having a place that she can call her own. You have brought so much to our lives and we thank you for that. You are our friend and Realtor for life.

    Name: Mark Holland

  • Hi Brian, I want to take this opportunity to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I couldn't believe how amazing you were in the sale of my home. After moving to New Mexico during the time you had listed my house, I was pretty scared about not being in the state. But I saw that you had a handle on everything and kept me in the loop every step of the way. What a comfort you were and still are. You made the entire process relaxing. Also thank you for keeping in touch well after the house closed. I guess I really am "Stuck" with you and it is such a pleasure to still be in contact with you. God Bless and Be Well.

    Name: Kari Winters

  • Dear Brian,
    Thank you so much for the time you spent with me finding my PERFECT home. You were there for me at all hours of the day and night. At times when i was "Freaking Out", you calmed me down. You are truely Angel. And thank you for helping me move when no one else was there for me.

    Name: Sharon Gilday

  • I met Brian at an open house on a Saturday morning. What is unusual about that, you may ask? Well, I very seldom see open houses open on Saturdays. I usually see them on Sundays. So I walked into the open house to see what it was going for and met Brian and we began talking about the home and how the market was going. I found Brian to be very knowledgeable and matter of fact with no nonsense. That was very refreshing for me. It seems that everyone else that I had spoken with concerning my home and the market gave me a song and dance. Brian was a straight shooter. I can appreciate that in a professional. I invited Brian to take a look at my house since I was in the market to sell. After a tour of my home and a conversation I listed my home with Brian. I have to say that I have never met someone so professional and forthcoming. Brian took care of EVERYTHING. I didn't have to do a thing but move at the close of escrow. The boxes helped a lot Brian, Thank you.
    Alvin Belsky
    Name: Alvin Belsky

  • I have dealt with many realtors in my time, but Brian is a breath of fresh air. I wasn't prepared for the service that Brian gives. It seemed as though I was family. I spoke with Brian on a daily basis when my home was on the market. This was something new for me, as other realtors that I had dealt with in the pass called me once a week if I was lucky. Brian is a true professional in every way. Not only did he take care of every little detail for me, but he provided me with moving boxes. WOW. I have never had an agent provide a service so important and vital when everything is said and done. Talk about "Giving you peace of mind". Brian gave me peace of mind and head ache. Thank you Brian.

    Patricia & Bob Salcedo
    Name: Bob & Patricia Salcedo

  • We were new to the United States and didn't really understand the process of buying a home here, but Brian walked us through the entire process. He made sure that we understood everything. He came to our need no matter what time it was. I didn't expect someone to take such care of us and make sure that we were comfortable with everything that was happening from making the offer to closing of escrow on our home. It was such a pleasure to have Brian represent us in the purchase of our home. We are now honored to call him our friend. In this time when everyone seems to be in a rush and push people to the side, Brian takes great care with understanding with his clients. Thank you Brian for everything.

    Puneet & Preetie Singh
    Name: Puneet & Preetie Singh

  • Thank you so much with the purchase of my first house. You were more than helpful. It is very refreshing to know that there are still people in this world that truly cares about there clients. When I needed you to answer my questions at 9pm, you were there for me every step of the way. Your motto "Giving you peace of mind" doesn't even come close to how you made the process of buying a home effortless for me. Thank you for the moving boxes as well, that was one more thing that I didn't have to worry about. You are one of the most professional people that I have ever worked with.


    Kelsi Snokes
    Name: Kelsi Snoke


Brian is an outstanding agent to work with from start to finish. We bought a house (first time for my husband) and Brian is not on...
- Stephanie Hines


100 Fowler Rd Suite 30
Warrendale, PA 15086


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